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Northern Ca best photographer


A no BS approach to uplevel your life & work from home business

Photography consulting

I’m an enneagram 5 with an insatiable desire to keep learning and keep growing. I have a degree in human services where I used to work directly with clients who had severe mental illnesses and helped them with their goals, encouraging them to live their life to their fullest potential. I absolutely love to see people hit their own personal goals and I love being the one challenging them to do so. I later became the Quality improvement coordinator for one of the largest mental health agencies in California, and found that processes and systems are my jam.

I typically am the friend that others go to for the honest truth, the extra set of eyes, and push they need in the right direction. . . That’s where you come in, friend. I’ve found that my two worlds of my degree in human services and my business in photography have collided.


I want to help you take things to the next level in your business and I want to see you excel.


I have a no BS approach to life and business. I don’t tend to beat around the bush, and I found there’s too many fake it until you make it people, which I’m all for, unless it’s involving my time, my money and my education.


I want to share my knowledge with you of how I became a stay at home mom to launching a successful at home business so you can thrive


Ready create a gameplay to streamline your business to reduce stress and take back your time? let's chat. 

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