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I'm an adventure lovin' wife, mama to two littles, a dog and two cats. I also happen to love preserving memories so on top of all that I also have my side gig of photography.  I'm a SoCal native who now lives in a little town somewhere between Sacramento & Tahoe. I'm most at peace by the water or in the mountains. I love all things spicy, fruity candy and game nights. I'm obsessed with being outside and chasing sunsets, and my mission in life is to help couples and families slow down, make the most of every moment and help them document every season of life. 

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Oh hey Christmas week!

The longest but fastest year ever. Can anyone else believe Christmas is THIS week??

I've gone through and rounded up a few discount codes I have for you if you're still looking for some gifts even if they're for yourself or simple ways to save some money and lessen some stress.

Pretty in Polka Dots

These are amazing wood prints, ornaments, signs and more.

Discount code: Allison for 15% off at prettyinpolkadots.com


25% off Holiday cards + free shipping through 12/31/20

Discount code: HOLPHOTOAUPCHURCH at Minted.com


I absolutely love chapbooks. I use these for my everyday snaps of the kids and complete a book each year. Its a good place to pop in those I phone snaps that you absolutely love and share all the memories without printing everything.

Click: Receive $10 your first order


Book yourself a vacation! AirBnbs are some of our favorite ways to travel on a budget

use my link here and you'll get up to $65 off a qualifying booking

Southwest Credit Card

My favorite credit card (especially since Southwest flies to hawaii now!) Obviously not a gift, but we use this to purchase our vacations and gifts etc to build points to put towards future vacations!

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and last but not least another non gift BUT it has 100% helped saved my sanity with taking out the "what the heck do I make for dinner?" question.

I use Emeals to plan my meals for me and I especially love it because on crazy weeks (or wanting to limit grocery store trips) it connects with insta cart and can have the ingredients for dinner delivered, while also adding your own items outside of the recipe. I also love I can input Gluten Free / other dietary restrictions and can have my menu personalized.

Click here for a 2 weeks free trial

I hope you all have a restful & joy filled holiday season and will see you in the new year