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I'm an adventure lovin' wife, mama to two littles, a dog and two cats. I also happen to love preserving memories so on top of all that I also have my side gig of photography.  I'm a SoCal native who now lives in a little town somewhere between Sacramento & Tahoe. I'm most at peace by the water or in the mountains. I love all things spicy, fruity candy and game nights. I'm obsessed with being outside and chasing sunsets, and my mission in life is to help couples and families slow down, make the most of every moment and help them document every season of life. 

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I know, the holidays roll around and then you're scrambling because you need a photo to send out for your holiday cards but you don't want (you don't think you need) a full hour session.

As a photographer, I get asked often about mini sessions to get a "few quick photos." I get it... which is why I still on occasion offer these sessions here and there, but very rarely, maybe seasonally. I know it's important to YOU and I want to do my best to serve my clients, but that is also the exact reason why I don't offer mini sessions all the time.

I serve my clients best and deliver my best work when I get to know my clients. When I get to spend the extra time to see the relationships and connections.

Those are the moments I love capturing.

I value my time and your time. When we're at a session and I'm needing to look at my watch, waiting for the next client, I don't get to always be fully present with the family or couple in front of me. I want you to make the most of your time and receive the images you fell in love with... those are typically done during a full signature session when we're all relaxed. I love providing an experience, being able to guide you through different prompts but also hang back and see how the session naturally unfolds without the quick stiff poses to get as much variety as we can in 10-15 minutes which often can lack personality.

During a full session I get to see personality. The more time I spend with the kids, the more they feel comfortable and their true personalities come out. These are the moments you'll want to remember... not the forced smiles just for a Christmas card.

Photos are an investment. if you're spending your time and money to capture your family once a year, what are those images and moments worth to you? I want to give you the most valuable experience. From the time you inquire to the time we're together, and hoping to build a relationship year after year.

If you're wondering which session is right for you, think about what you are wanting and where these images are going. A quick photograph to send out to family and friends?

or are you capturing your story. . . memories of your relationship & moments of your family laughing and playing, capturing them uniquely in your current season of life

I hope this post helps you determine your why and help you see the value in your time and your family.

If you've never had a full session, I definitely recommend it.

But needless to say, I will on occasion still offer mini sessions which are pre deteremined date, time & locations to best serve all of my clients,

Whether you want a full story or a few beautiful moments to share with the ones you love and create a lifelong keepsake book, fill a gallery wall or send out prints or a simple mini session to snap a new christmas card, keep a look out via emails! my last set of minis sold out before they reached the public.

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