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Hey mama!

A new baby is such a special time. Capturing these moments you probably don't even remember because you're in the newborn fog but you'll have these memories to cherish forever.

“What should I wear?” is more times than not, the first question I get asked, so I put together this guide for tips, tricks & inspiration to get you camera ready in the least stressful way.

A little prep goes a long way having your outfits chosen in advance will help you relax prior to the session

& dont forget. . . I’m here to help! Don’t be afraid to message me outfits

(I want you to have amazing photos too!)


What do you want to feel when you look back at your session? joyful, emotional?

What is your home decor like?

Will these be hanging on your wall, matching your decor? or will they be going into an album?

Once your mood & vision are set

choose your colors. stick to 3-4 colors that'll enhance your session, helping your vision come to life.

Keep the colors in the same tone family.

In home sessions are easy and relaxed, don't be afraid to stay comfy.

Babies tend to pick up reds, oranges, yellows. . so those are colors to avoid.

Have a change of clothes for baby or swaddles that all coordinate for a seamless album flow.

When in doubt, stick with neutrals and earth tones.

"One day, all your kids will have of you are photos. Make sure you're in them. No matter what your hair looks like, your makeup, your body. They won't care. They'll just want to see you."



Shoot in a room with natural light

Pick a time of day when light is soft in room

We can also shoot in multiple rooms (many opt for nursery & master bedroom)

Have all tables & end tables that may be seen in the background cleaned up/ cleared off

Have any random baby furniture moved (pack & plays, swings etc)

Have baby freshly fed with a full & happy belly

Don't stress over baby is fussy, just naturally console them and I'll capture your moments as they unfold

Don't be afraid to get extra snuggly, relax & have fun.

Don't be afraid to stop and feed. I purposely allow time because let's face it... lil' babe gets to call the shots

I absolutely love in home newborn sessions with how comfortable and relaxed they are. It captures your life perfectly in this season and trust me it goes by so fast, those first few weeks are always such a blur.

Thinking about a lifestyle newborn session near Roseville, California? I'd love to chat!




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